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Our Mission

At Belcanto Voice and Music Studio, we focus primarily on teaching voice, cello, piano and musical theatre. Our studio facilitates online music counseling and individual lessons for beginner to advance level musicians and vocalists. It is ultimately our vision to provide holistic training to our students, which will simultaneously allow them to hone their crafts and diversify their artistry.

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"Miljan genuinely loves teaching and wants to see you succeed. He is patient with me as someone who has never studied music before and makes class fun! It never feels like work when I am in a lesson! I love being a student at Belcanto!"

- Summer S.


"We help domestic, national, and international students of all ages to develop and expand their artistry, craft, and musicianship so that they can use music for educational, entertainment, rest and relaxation, or therapeutic purposes."

**All Courses Are Provided Online**

Choir Class

Voice Lessons

Our voice lessons are designed to teach students about both the physiological processes of vocal production and artistic aspects of song interpretation from different vocal genres. Belcanto VMS works with students who are brand new to artistic singing and those with varying degrees of experience. As a beginning and intermediate Belcanto VMS student, your journey will begin with the development process, where you will learn about and how to implement the principals of vocal technique in your practice, i.e. breath support, posture, phonation, vocal projection, diction and articulation, and vocal registers.

Through voice lessons, students get exposed to foreign languages such as Spanish, Italian, German, French, Russian, Latin, et cetera. We use variety of artistic songs from all over the world to expand students’ repertoire and to brighten their vocal music knowledge. Voice lessons are 45 minutes in length and include warm up, technique and repertoire training.

Cello Lessons

As one of the most versatile string instruments, the cello is used in a large variety of music genres and styles. The sound of the cello is rich and warm to the ear. Most similar to the human voice, it can make a wide variety of tones covering bass, tenor, and treble clefs. We use a mixture of Croatian, German, and Japanese teaching styles based on the individual needs of each student to better unlock their potential and achieve success: i.e. perfect playing technique, an exceptional musical ear, and freedom of artistic expression. Cello lessons are available for adults and youth of any age - as long as the student is tall enough to hold a smallest size cello.


Piano Lessons

Beginning students learn to make music from the first lesson. As students become more comfortable with articulating their fingers on the keyboard they are introduced to note reading and musical notation. Beginning piano lessons encompass good posture and hand position, reading music notation, sight reading, repertoire, rhythm and harmony, learning effective practice habits. As skill in reading music and technical ability develop, students are then able to explore more challenging pieces of the repertoire with a confident and flexible technique. Students are provided with short-term goals that lead to long-term improvement.

Music Theory Lessons

The essential tool for every musician is to get familiar with the theory that is in the root of every music piece. In music theory class students learn all the tools necessary to read, write and understand music. Our curriculum includes historical overview of development of music notation, music notation today, rhythms, intervals, chords and scales building, dynamics, music dictations and practical exercises. Lessons are 45 minutes long and students are usually given a work sheet to fill in at home as a part of homework.


Sight Reading Lessons

This class is for those who have been or are planning to get involved in the music scene of sort (choir, instrument, ensemble, theatre, etc.) and feel the need to be more proficient with sight singing the music independently without the help of supporting instrument. The class is designed on the principal of solfeggio method used to teach pitch and sigh singing. Lessons are 45 minutes in length and are held one-on-one or in-group depending on the number of participants, levels and classes formed.

Acting Through Song

This course is a one-on-one private coaching session. Students submit sheet music before a session from their musical theatre repetoire and come ready to sing. During the lesson, the emphasis will be on developing storytelling, creating physicality, and making strong choices that compliment the meaning of your song while advancing the plot. The goal is to develop students' vocal and emotional range while perfoming. Acting through song is not a voice lesson; although we can address any vocal issues that may come up in working on a particular song.


The "16 / 32-Bar" Audition

This course is a one-on-one private coaching session designed for anyone who is looking to improve his or her audition material. This is your chance to either build a repertoire of 4-6 new songs or improve on your current one. Together, we will explore how to prepare songs and monologues for either high school, community theatre, collegiate, or professional auditions. Students should submit sheet music in advance and have a minimum of two contrasting monologues.

Specialized Consultation

If you are preparing for an opera, musical theatre, choir, ensemble or college auditions, we can help you prepare and perfect your repertoire. You can either come with the idea of the song you want to work on or we can help you select the right one for the type of audition you are preparing for. In-person or on-line consultations are one hour in length per appointment and include vocal, stage presents and artistic expression training.

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