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Our Story

Committed to Diversity & Excellence

Belcanto Voice and Music Studio is a privately owned, family business, operating from our home in Columbus, OH. Lead instructors, Miljan Krunic & Daniel Ferguson, met in Austria in 2013 where they completed their classical music and linguistics studies. After working professionally in Europe, we made the decision to move to the United States to teach the two fields which brought them together: music and language.

Since 2008, we have been working with students of all ages and abilities, guiding them as they expand upon their practical and theoretical knowledge. We cherish our opportunity to pursue careers in music and language education and share our passion with others. Moreover, we are beyond grateful that we are able to do this important work every single day. We utilize the power of passion and perseverance in cultivating artistry and stretching our students. In short, we value the rarity of accomplished, nuanced music instructors  - ones who not only know how to pass knowledge onto others, but also are well-seasoned performers. 

We strive to fine-tune our artistic abilities and pedagogy continuously through reflective practices and listening to our clients. In doing so, we have cultivated a diverse array of techniques, exercises, and repertoires to better connect with our students professionally and socio- emotionally. Our vision is to guide our students on their journey to become multi-disciplined artists, make meaningful music, and use their art to inspire others.

Our extensive, personal and professional expertise in music, language, cultural diversity, and travel are signature features of our approach with students, methodology, and implementation of teaching and learning.  

Contact us to find out more - we look forward to assisting you!

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